4 MBC Dramas Are Officially Going Off-Air Due To The Ongoing Strike


Difficult time ahead!

On October 19, MBC drama union headquarters of the National Union of Media workers revealed through an official press release that 4 dramas are halting shooting for now.

Starting October 22, “Bad Thief, Good Thief,” “All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law,” “Man Who Sets the Table,” and “Return of Bok Dan Ji” broadcast will be canceled.

The union members touched on the cancellation of “’20th Century Boy and Girl” who has halted airing for two times due to the strike, the union felt pain watching other network dramas dominate while MBC dramas didn’t air.

The union added,

“The current management is ignoring the fact that they’re the biggest obstacle to restoring MBC’s competitiveness. Going against the management with lack of shame, and unprecedented impudence, the union members demand the resignation of the president again.”

The union is sticking by their demands and want the president Kim Jang Gyum and the management to resign.

The strike has begun back on September 4 and is still ongoing, currently all MBC variety shows are off-air, many variety Chuseok specials were also canceled due to the strike.

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