“20th Century Boy And Girl” To Air Last 4 Episode Consecutively Due To The Strike


MBC’s drama “20th Century Boy And Girl” is suffering badly due to the aftermath of the ongoing strike.

On October 27, MBC officially revealed that it will conclude its final episodes after airing four episode back to back from November 20 to November 23. The source also revealed that the drama is not concluding earlier as many reports have suspected.

The drama airs Mondays and Tuesdays, following MBC’s announcement the drama will air like a daily drama during its last week to finish the four remaining episodes.

Since the last episodes are very important to the drama and its storyline, the production crew and the actors put in a lot of effort into making a memorable ending. However, with the decision to air the last 4 episodes consecutively not in its normal time slot, the drama lost it final chance to make one final splash.

The drama aired following the conclusion of the historical drama “The Kings Love” and was supposed to air on September 25, due to the ongoing strike that started back on September 4, the filming halted shooting for a while before resuming the production.

The first two episodes were pushed back for 2 weeks, it aired its first episode on October 9. The drama was also forced to air its first four episodes in a row on October 9 since the next day broadcast conflicted with the world cup preliminary rounds, due to the unfortunate events the drama premiered with a disappointing 3%.

An insider revealed the reason for this choice, “Two Cops” is supposed to premiere in November 27, because the upcoming drama couldn’t delay the premiere date, “20th Century Boy And Girl” had to adjust to it.

Thus the idea of airing four consecutive episodes came to light, it was supposed to air 8 episodes back to back when it premiered but due to the world cup preliminary rounds, it didn’t work out.

The drama was embroiled in rumors stating that it would be shortened, to that the insider revealed that its both unfair and bad for the production crew and the actors for the drama to end like that, this was why they decided to move ahead with changing the broadcasting schedule instead.

Its unprecendent for any Korean drama to go through such harsh situation, people have been blaming MBC for not taking responsibility for what had happened. To make matters worse, it was also revealed that the cast was unware of these changes.

The insider revealed that only few actors knew of the change and they had thought it was because of the world cup preliminary rounds, and even those who knew didn’t know that the final episodes broadcast would be shaken this much, the cast was taken back when they learned about this entire situation through the news.

The way MBC handled it was also unheard of, MBC left the decision to the production companies, the insider stated,

“Huayi brother, the production company behind ‘20th Century Boy And Girl’  and People Story company that is working on ‘Two Cops’ had worked together before to co-produce ‘Ruler: master of the mask.’ The broadcasting schedule is ultimately the decision of the broadcasting station, MBC left it to the two companies to decide, when they learned that the two companies couldn’t reach a final decision, they decided to make the final decision, since the two production companies obviously had conflict of interest.”

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