Seems like Yoo Seung Ho is making his return to the small scene sooner than we expected.

On September 5, the actor’s agency revealed,

“Yoo Seung Ho is discussing the offer to participate in the upcoming drama ‘I am Love’ which is in talks to air on MBC.”

“I Am Love” is a drama about a man who has no one to support him meeting a women who he wants to be with. The actor was cast to play the lead role of Kang Chan a skilled painter who works as an art forger.

A source of MBC clarified in a statement,

“It is true Yoo Seung Ho is going through an appearance in the drama, but the scheduling and production team have not been decided yet.”

Yoo Seung Ho has appeared in the successful MBC drama “Ruler: Master Of the Mask” which achieved great success and was one of the best historical dramas of 2017.

Source: (A)


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