This Wanna One Member Reveal He Was Badly Bullied As A Kid Because He Was Fat And Had Glasses

Fans of Wanna One were shocked to find that their favorite oppa used to be bullied back in elementary school because he was fat and wore glasses.

On September 4, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, and Hwang Min Hyun became counsellors on KBS’s popular variety show “Hello Counselor”.

During the last part of the show a little girl shared her concerns about her elder sister who always teases her with very mean comments about her looks, after Kang Daniel listened to the girl’s struggles he revealed a shocking thing about his past.

He said,

“I was an outcast because of my looks…. It was quiet bad in elementary school.”

Then the idol explained how he managed to overcome this issue, he said,

“You must work hard to have high self-esteem, I may be uglier than others but I can dancer better and perform better on stage than them. I just need to do well on stage, this is how I increased my self-esteem.”

The entire stage was shocked that Kang Daniel actually suffered from bullying as kid considering his good look now.

Kang Daniel was the nation’s pick for the centre of Wanna One, he scored the 1st position in the final episode of the survival program.

We’re glad that Kang Daniel has higher self-esteem now!

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