Various Japanese Media Artists Report That The Remaining 4 BIGBANG Members Will Enlist All Together Next Year

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Great possible news have been circulating the web lately.

Various Japanese outlets such as Sankei Sports and Daily Sports claim that the rest of the BIGBANG members will enlist together spring next year.

Taeyang and Gdragon enlistment date is coming up and it was revealed that the two are already planning on enlisting next year together, while Daesung and Seungri still have some time left.

Nevertheless, news outlets are claiming that Daesung and Seungri decided to enlist with Taeyang and Gdragon, so the group can come back together sooner.

This could actually be true, because back in August and during Daesung’s concert in Japan the idol has revealed that he’d be having a long hiatus following this concert, he added,

“But I actually think that it’s the best choice for our group, so we can have a new start quicker.”

Which means that we could possibly see the legendary group back sooner that expected. If the four members enlisted together, they’d back by 2020, while T.O.P is set to leave the military in 2019.

This is great news to all V.I.P, they won’t have to wait an extra 4 to 5 years to see the entire members group together again and have a comeback that’ll slay the entire Kpop community.

What do you think of these speculations? Do you believe they’re true?

My Reaction

If this turns out to be true I think it’d be a great idea.

The problem is that YG relies heavily on BIGBANG, 2ne1 their second biggest revenue maker has disbanded, ikon is flopping whenever they release a song (look up the icharts), Winner is a success but not THAT big, and the rest are also great but no one can ever replace BIGBANG profit wise.

This leaves him with a hug problem, of course keep in mind that people eventually grow out of things, BIGBANG has been around for 11 years, how longer can they draw the audience they always have?

How much longer? The longer they take the more people forget about them, they’ll find another group to stan, their fans will grow up and grown over that.

If they enlist together that’s way better for them, they can make a comeback some time in 2021, if they enlist as they wish (which they have the right to) separately, it’ll take about 5 to 6 years.

We don’t know how long are their contracts with YG is. They’ve re-signed but no information on how long it is was ever revealed many agencies don’t reveal the length. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves.

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