If you think you couldn’t love Shin Se Kyung enough already, you’re about to love her even more!

The actress sat down for another interview following wrapping up filming for her first tvN drama “Bride Of The Water God”.

“Bride Of The Water God” ratings were low and couldn’t get past the 3% mark during its entire run and was not well received by the public.

The actress was asked if she ever feels bad about low ratings of her dramas, about that she gave this amazing answer,

“I never have any worries before participating in a new production. I don’t even have expectations for what ratings should be like. This is how I’ve felt about all my previous dramas. I do my best to put my heart at ease.”

She then talked about how different she is from other actors who often worry about ratings, she added,

“Some actors get sad over ratings, but for ‘Bride Of The Water God’ and since it was my first tvN drama, I’m satisfied. I think I played a great character and that the drama had a beautiful message.”

She then talks about times she was hurt by ratings, she continued,

“I’ve never been hurting by viewership ratings, not even for a second. When I was younger it used to hurt me not because the viewership ratings were low “but because I felt sorry for all the people who worked so hard on the drama, I feel sad because they weren’t rewarded through good ratings.”

What do you think of her remarks?

Have you watched the drama? What did you think of it?

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My Thoughts

I must say I respect unnie so much more after hearing her talk about ratings, such a mature answer, I wish all my favorite actor have the same perception about ratings.

If I were an actor I’d be hurt when my drama didn’t do well in ratings, it affects everyone, from the staff to the actors to everyone involved in the production.

I’d also feel so sorry for the people who worked so hard on the drama and weren’t rewarded for their hard work. This is why in my blog I often talk about ratings, because despite what she says ratings do matter for her.

Your status is affected by a bad and a good drama, if you keep choosing bad projects that scores badly in ratings, people wouldn’t want to work with you (sometimes) because your dramas aren’t doing well.

On the other hand when it does well, you’re rewarded greatly and so is the entire cast. I still think that ‘Bride Of The Water God’ was one of the most disappointing dramas of 2017, but it doesn’t mean I hate or dismiss the hard work they put through. Its just my opinion!

Again! Huge respect to Se Kyung unnie!