The Real Reason Why Hoya Left INFINITE

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The entire kpop community was shocked when they heard of Hoya’s departure from his group INFINITE.

The idol is known to have strong bond with his group mates, even kpop fans who don’t follow INFINITE know that they’re pretty supportive and comfortable around each other.

Back in June 2017, Woollim Entertainment (INFINITE’S) management agency announced that they’re in negotiation phase with the members of the group. Little since then was heard until last week’s shocking announcement. While the members were negotiating the contracts many rumors stated that only 6 members have resigned with the agency, fans started questioning who could’ve been the 7th member.

Initial ‘rumors’ stated that Myungsoo was the one who haven’t renewed his contract with his agency. Back then he was the second lead of the popular historical drama of 2017 “Ruler: master of the mask”. Myungsoo denied the rumors and said that he has already made his decision and was well sure of it.

On August 30, Inspirits worst nightmare came true, Woollim Entertainment announced that Hoya is leaving the agency and his group as well. So today we’re taking a look at all the possible reasons why Hoya left INFINITE.

Check out the video below for the details and possible reasons why Hoya decided to leave the group and the agency. Once you’re done come back here and read more about it. Lets discuss this together.

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As an Inspirit, I was shocked and taken back.

I won’t say I am the biggest INFINITE fan there is, but I admire their talent, their personalities and how hard they work on their music, how different their musical identity is.

They have a vibe that distinguish them from all other kpop idols and their music and I loved it. Their choreographies are also a masterpiece.

So much could’ve contributed to the decision he has made, whether he’ll be able to sustain himself on his own is another discussion on its own.

Sadly, eventually all kpop groups will break and each member will go their separate ways, some will continue to do well, others will be forgotten and left behind. It has a lot to do with talent, hard work and most of all luck.

At a point in life your favorite idol will consider leading a solo career, they all think of it, promoting with a group is good don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you want more and there is nothing wrong with that.

I think he’ll venture out to both acting and singing at the same time; he seems like a man with a lot of passion, I wish him the best in whatever he chooses to pursue. Lets continue to support ori oppa!

What do you guys think of this? what do you think led him to do this?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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  1. There’s one thing i have in mind that could be one of hoya’s resons why he left and that is he thought that the group Infinite may end up like their former co-labels Nell,Tasty and Epik High(but i hope it won’t happen). As you have mentioned,he’s a man with a lot of passion and we all know that he’ll do anything and he’s willing to sacrifice just to pursue his dreams (just like when he dropped out in school and left home because his father was against it).. if only Infinite had their comeback earlier,he couldn’t have left..Anyway,i respect Hoya’s decision to go separate way and i wish him good luck to his new journey..i also wish to see him performing onstage again and will still support him no matter what
    Hoya fighting!

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