Park Bo Young is the perfect example of hard work and professionalism.

The actress enjoyed great popularity while filming one of the most popular JTBC dramas of all time “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, but behind the scenes, the actress has been suffering from a bad ankle injury.

Back in April the actress had injured her ankle but decided to endure the pain while filming for the drama to not hinder or delay it in any way.

Thankfully, the actress went through surgery two months later once her drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” finished shooting. Her agency only gave an update on her ankle surgery two days ago.

The agency stated,

“She has almost fully recovered from the surgery she had, she’ll be able to attend the Seoul Drama Awards tomorrow.

Back when she injured her ankle the doctor advised her to wear a cast but since she was shooting for her drama she decided to use an ankle tape instead and proceed with physical therapy. The ankle surgery she had wasn’t major at all, it only took 20 minutes.”

The actress has attended the award show on September 7 and won Best Actress for Hallyu Drama Award. The actress is also set to start filming her upcoming movie “Your Marriage” this month.

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