Park Bo Gum Really Really Wants To Work With Song Joong Ki

During the annual Seoul Drama Awards, various stars and actors from all around the world gathered for the event.

Once Park Bo Gum exited the van onto the red carpet the fans went wild and so did the cameras, who were all trying to get the best shot of him.

After greeting fans on the red carpet, KBS’s Weekly Entertainment announcer chatted with the star. She talked about his hallyu status and how he’s the most sought out actor right now.

She told him that Song Joong Ki has previously stated that he’d love to share the screen with his good friend Park Bo Gum, he also said he’d be okay with playing brothers or two men fighting for a girl.

To that Park Bo Gum  said,

“If the opportunity allows, I’d really love to work with Joong Ki. Us playing brothers would be cool, I’d be happy with any role.

That night the hallyu actor Park Bo Gum took home The Best Actor Award for his performance in “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”.

Would like to see Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki Share the screen together in a movie or a drama?

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