Official Posters And Character Description For “Andante” Released

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The upcoming drama “Andante” has finally released its official character description and posters.

The character posters shows the main leads EXO’s Kai, Kim Jin Kyung, Baek Chul Min, and Lee Ye Hyun looking energetic and lively in a pastel-toned background. They are dressed in warmer clothes but it looks like the characters will enjoy a sweet spring romance.

In addition, the musical symoblize in the background of each character poster symbolizes the meaning behind the drama “Andante” which means walking at a slower pace, the symbols point out the different personalities and charms each character has.

Kai will take on the role of Si Kyung who is a gamer fanatic, the high clef behind his back implies the beginning of a new destiny that he’ll experience as he transfers into a suspicious school in the countryside because he faked report cards and tricked him mom, he finds the meaning of life through games through this transition.

Kim Jin Kyung will play the mysterious chic Kim Bom she attracts attention from people around her, although she’s smiling brightly in the poster, somehow you can notice the loneliness in her eyes. Her low clef behind her represent a lonely secretive ‘school outsider.’

Baek Chul will take on the role of Garam, who is a mature model student with a soft smile, he’ll play the role of the class president, he is classy and upright but deep inside he worries greatly about Si Kyung. The eight note behind him implies that he’s doing to act like the hidden leader of the drama.

Lee Ye Hyun will play the role of Si Kyung little sister, they get into arguments easily whenever they meet, she is vibrant and has a bouncy personality that’ll charm everyone around her.
In addition the production crew stated,

“The chemistry between the characters of Kai darkness and Kim Ji Kyung brightness and the light Yeo Hyun Lee and heavy Baek Chul Min will add a lot of fun and excitement to the drama. The drama is about young people realizing the true meaning of love and life through strange experiences.

The drama will air its first episode on the 24th of September.

Are you excited about the drama premiere?

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