Fans were extremely worried about MAMAMOO following their minor car accident on the 13th of September.

It was revealed that the girls got into a car accident while on the way to an event in Cheonan on the 13th of September, while on the way they crashed into a car.

The girls suffered minor bruises and injuries, no one was hurt badly, they were even able to carry on with the event normally.

Their agency released a statement to a news outlet, they shared,

“MAMAMOO was involved in a Cheonan while on their way to an event. No member sustained a major injury, but if in case there is a situation we’re not aware of, the girls will receive a full examination in a hospital as soon as they return.”

Later photos of the girls performing in the event were published, fans noticed that the girls were wearing bandages and had bruises, their professionalism was applauded.

According to the agency, at the time there was no risk on the members and their safety, thus out of love for their fans they decided to keep their promise and perform for their fans who waited so long for them.

We’re happy that the girls are doing just fine. Please take care of yourselves girls.


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