SBS has released new stills of its male leads looking nervous and tense around each other.

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Lee Jong Suk plays the character of Jung Jae Chan a prosecutor who works with a girl who sees the future to prevent her dreams from becoming a reality.

Today, SBS gave a closer look at the tense relationship between Jung Jae Chan and Lee Yeo Beom played by Lee Sang Yeob. In one of the photos, the two are seen glaring at each other, in another photo Jung Jae Chan seems to be nervous when trying to keep eye contact with Lee Yeo Beom.

Other stills shows the younger characters of the two leads, which indicates that the two have known each other for a long time, Lee Yeo Beom used to tutor Lee Yeo Beom, the two meet again as a lawyer and a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, on September 24, during the preview broadcast of “While You Were Asleep”, Lee Jong Suk talked about his tense on-screen relationship with Lee Sang Yeob, he said,

“I also had lots of fun acting with Lee Sang Yeob, our characters have a lot of tension.”

The drama airs in less than 2 days on the 27th of September.


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