Lee Jong Suk Calls Suzy A Beauty And The Greatest Actress Of Our Lives

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Lee Jong Suk can’t stop praising his co-star Suzy when talking about their drama “While You Were Asleep.”

On September 24, SBS has held a short preview 12 minute broadcast for the upcoming highly anticipated drama “While You Were Asleep.”

The cast gave a short interview during the preview, the cast talked about what they thought of each other and what it was like filming on set. Suzy said,

“In the drama, Lee Jong Suk’s character’s existence is hope to me, and for many reasons I easily fall in love with him. He is a cool person to fall for I liked acting it out.”

Lee Jong Suk said,

“Suzy is such a lovely charming girl, so I was able to be excited at every moment while filming a melodrama with her.” “I do think that she is the best actress of our time, she is also too pretty.”

He also added,

“I also had lots of fun acting with Lee Sang Yeob, our characters have a lot of tension.”

He also talked about the fun they had filming on the beach with Suzy, he said,

“I had a scene with Suzy we were filming on the beach and she was running towards me, it was very nice and refreshing.”

And added,

“When we were filming by the beach, the staff asked me to drop Suzy into the water one last time, when I did, she grabbed my neck and forced me into the water with her.”

“While You Were Sleeping” will air its first episode on the 27th of September.

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