Lee Dong Wook Doesn’t Want To Do Another Fantasy Drama, Here Is Why


Lee Dong Wook was the cover of High Cut October issue, he sat down for an interview to talk about why he has rejected any fantasy drama role since “Goblin.”

He explained,

“Repeatedly playing the same image with a similar character is like burying myself, it doesn’t feel or seem right to go that route.”

Dong Wook recently confessed to his fans that his self-esteem has weakened in Dong-wook’s on the air which was broadcasted through V app. Lee Dong Wook said,

“I think that the aftermath of the end of ‘Goblin’ is coming now because I was being watched in front of the people and receiving the acclaim and being cheered on, and the thought about the next work is getting bigger and more stressful. In fact, I was hesitant to talk about this in front of my fans, my fans want me to be healthy, safe and happy all the time, but I am a human too, Its not easy.

It was a little tricky to talk about what I always had in mind to my fans.”

He was also remembered as the wealthy character in dramas, but he had only done that twice in “My Girl” and “Scent of a Woman”, thus he said that he should be careful and try his best to avoid getting stuck in a role whether it be fantasy or any other role.

He added,

“I wanted to play a different real character for my next role.”

Check out more of his photos below.

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