Kwak Si Yang Joins Park Hae Jin And Nara In Upcoming Drama “Four Sons”

The cast of the upcoming drama “Four Sons” is slowly taking shape.

On August 29, a source from the drama stated that the actor Kwak So Yang will be joining the drama and will play the second male lead role of Choi Jin Soo, he’ll play the figure of daddy long legs and protect the female lead Yeo Rin. He is a close friend of her late boyfriend Dong Min to be played by Park Hae Jin, he is also an elite police officer.

A source from the production staff stated,

“We’re happy about Kwak So Yang playing Jin Soo who is a sophisticated character that has it all. He is a good fit for the role of a young man who is genuine and has his eyes set on one woman.”

“Four Sons” is a mystery romance drama about a detective named Yeo Rin, who meets the quadruplet brothers of her late boyfriend Dong Min. last week Nana of After School was cast to play the young version of Yeo Rin, while Park Hae Jin is confirmed to play the four brothers.

The drama is set to start film this upcoming November and will be entirely pre-produced, it is slated to air in the first half of next year.

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