“Hospital Ship” Stars Kang Min Hyuk And Ha Ji Won Snap A Photo Together


The popular MBC Wednesday-Thursday “Hospital Ship” main leads Kang Min Hyuk and Ha Ji Won snapped a friendly photo together.

은재와 현~ 고마워요~

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On September 22, Kang Min Hyuk shared a friendly photo of him and Ha Ji Won in a car, the actors smiled happily to the camera, Kang Min Hyuk added this adorable caption,

“Eun Jae and Hyun ~ Thank you.”

Eun Jae and Hyun are the character names both Kang Min Hyuk and Ha Ji Won play, recently the drama romance climaxed and the leads had their first kiss.

The popular MBC drama “Hospital Ship” is doing great in ratings, and its recent episodes achieved better ratings as the drama love triangle officially began.

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