“Hospital Ship” garnered great attention with its premiere but it seems like, its getting less attention with its second episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 3rd and 4th episode are less than its Wednesday’s rating and the drama is no longer in the double digit territory.

Check out: Hospital Ship episode 1 and 2 recap and review

Check out: Hospital Ship episode 3 and 4 recap and review

The 3rd episode rated 8.9% and the 4th episode rated 9.9%, this lower than its 1st episode which rated 10.6% and its 2nd episode rated 12.4%. despite the lower ratings it was still the top drama in its time-slot.

In the second spot, was SBS’s drama “Reunited Worlds” which rated 4.6% and 5.0%. KBS’s “Manhole” was in last place and rated 2.2% which is 0.2% higher than its last episode.

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