“Hospital Ship” First Place In Ratings Again, Ha Ji Won And Kang Min Hyuk Share Their First Kiss


The ship is officially sailing, Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk shared their first kiss in yesterday’s episode and snagged the first place in ratings as expected.

According to Nielson Korea, “Hospital Ship” rated 9.8% and 12.6% for its Wednesday’s episodes, this might be a slight decrease from last week’s ratings but it still managed to crown “Hospital Ship” the top Wednesday-Thursday drama.

SBS’s “Reunited Worlds” rated 5.4% and 6.6%, it will air its last episodes today and will be replace with the highly anticipated drama “While You Were Asleep” next week.

Which means that next week, the battle of the best Wednesday-Thursday drama will take place between MBC’s popular medical drama “Hospital Ship” and SBS upcoming thriller drama “While You Were Asleep”.

KBS2’s “Manhole” is the lowest rated drama again this week, it rated 2.6% which is slightly higher than last week’s episode.

“Hospital Ship” romance between Eun Jae and Kwak Hyeon took a serious turn as they shared their first kiss on the beach side, sadly towards the end of the 14th episode, Eun Jae found out that Kwak Hyun has a fiancé painter name Yeong Eun.

Source: Nielson Korea

2 thoughts on ““Hospital Ship” First Place In Ratings Again, Ha Ji Won And Kang Min Hyuk Share Their First Kiss”

  1. I like the concept of hospital ship, there’s so much potential in the idea but the product were not to what I expected. For a medical drama lots of the scene were not realistic I wish the screen play were better written. Besides i don’t feel much from the second lead both male and female, its awkward. Over all hospital ship was not that bad if you put aside the logic and reality but halfway through the drama I watch it solely because of HJW.


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