“Hospital Ship” Beats “While You Were Asleep” Again For The Number One Spot In Ratings Battle


Thursday’s night highest-rated drama was MBC’s “Hospital Ship” again.

According to Nielsen Korea, “While You Were Asleep” rated 8.3% and 9.2%; which is higher than last night’s episode but still came in second place.

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MBC’s “Hospital Ship” was still the top drama of its slot for last night as well, it rated 9.3% and 11.3%, which is also slightly higher than last night’s episode.

KBS’s “Manhole” last episode rated a disappointing 1.9%, which is the same rating it had for its Wednesday episode as well.

The battle between “While You Were Asleep” and “Hospital Ship” was tough, but to the shock of everyone, “Hospital Ship” was crowned the number one drama for this week as well.

Have you watched “While You Were Asleep” premiere? Which drama are you rooting for?

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