GFRIEND Agency Apologizes For The Car Accident And Comments On Yerin Injury


Yesterday, the group girl GFRIEND was involved in a car accident which forced the group to cancel their appearance in in a Concert, the girls went straight to the hospital and received medical examination.

Fans have been waiting for a detailed update from their agency regarding their well-being. Fans were taken back by the car accident and sent well wishes to the members. 

Today, GFRIEND’s agency released a full statement apologizing to fans, they said,

“Hello this is Gfriend’s label Source Music.

Around 5:30 p.m. on the 9th GFRIEND was on their way to Incheon Culture Arena, on the highway they crashed to the car in front of them due to the driver’s recklessness.

The manager carelessness while driving caused the accident, we would like to apologize to all the victims, we also want to apologize to the fans who were eagerly waiting to see GFRIEND.

Immediately after the concert, the girls went through a detailed examination and Yerin has a sprain on her right pinky finger. Luckily the rest of the girls along with the manager haven’t been hurt badly, they only suffered from minor bruises. The members are now resting, they will proceed with their comeback schedule on the 13th as planned.

We will be more careful in the future to not cause any more accidents like what happened yesterday. We apologize to all fans who were taken back by the news.”

We’re glad that the girls are doing just fine. We hope that Yerin will feel better soon!



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