EXO’s Baekhyun Writes A Vague Post About Truth And Lies To His Fans

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EXO’s Baekhyun isn’t shy when talking about things that concerns him, and it seems like the idol had a message to share with his fans.

The idol took to his personal Instagram to share his thoughts about “truth and lies”, the photo he shared was a photo of the sky and landscape, but the caption he wrote was what intrigued fans.

He said,

“Don’t believe lies that are not the truth. Ls, a lot of rumors are on the internet but you can’t believe whats there. Its very easy to make up lies that look like the truth but simply isn’t. but its still hard to prove that the truth is the truth. I can’t talk in more details but remember not to believe words said by those who know nothing. Anyways, lets all cheer up!”

This post launched fans theories on what could be the reason for him writing such a vague post about truth and lies. Some fans suspect that he wrote this post because of the recent rumors stating that him and Taeyeon are doing “lovestagram” together.

The post seems to refer to his very own personal life as he tells fans not to believe what tabloids and internet rumors says about him.

Meanwhile, EXO released their highly anticipated repackage album with “Power”, and joined the million followers club recently on twitter.

What do you think the idol was referring to?

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  1. Hate those shitty fans who thought that they can controls ur life..so dont think abt them even for a second..its ur life so live and Be confident in ur self..nt all fans are like them..we respect ur each and every decisions..so Live ur life fully..Dont let them control ur life..its ridiculous and u also know that so Be confident in ur self..Love you always Love From BangladeshLove ExoL

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