“Byun Hyuk’s Love” Releases First Script Reading Photos Featuring Choi Siwon, Kang So Ra and Gong Myung

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“Byun Hyuk’s Love” released the first official script reading photos of the highly anticipated drama. The entire cast was having fun and looked immersed in their roles when the reading started.

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“Byun Hyuk’s Love” tells the story of Byun Hyuk (to be played by Choi Siwon) who is third generation chaebol who is lazy and very dependable on his parents, he doesn’t know how to be responsible, Baek Joon (to be played by Kang So Ra) is a woman who has a good educational background but suffers when trying to find a job, while Kwon Jae Hoon (to be played by Gong Myung) is an elite who dreams of making it big.

The first script reading took place on September 10, the main cast along with Lee Jae Yoon, Choi Jae Sung, and Kyun Mi Ri. Producing director Song Hyun Wook, and screenwriters Joo Hyun and Kang Eun Kyung were present.

Ahead of the script reading, the drama PD Song Hyun Wook recalled the intention writer Joo Hyun was aiming for, he said,

“We want to tell the story of the struggling youth who live by their own rules while taking on a variety of challenges, finding hope is something that will enable you to follow your dreams. I was deeply touched by the goal, and I believe that people will find comfort in this drama, its about the youth who never gives up hope.”

He also expressed his excitement to be the director of the drama, he said,

“I wanted to tell a story that gives hope to younger people. I am so happy to be working with such talented director and actors.”

The drama will air its first episode on October 14, taking over the timeslot previously occupied by “Live Up To Your Name”.

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