“While You Were Asleep” Shares Full Cast First Script Reading Ahead Of The Anticipated Premiere

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The highly anticipated SBS drama “While You Were Asleep” has shared first script reading photos featuring the entire main cast.

On September 1, the staff revealed the photos along with the full list of the cast. “While You Were Asleep” is about a girl who dreams of accidents and a prosecutor who tries his best to prevent her dreams from becoming a reality.

Lee Jong Suk will play prosecutor Jung Jae Chan while Suzy will play Nam Hong Joo, the girl who can predict the future through her dreams. Lee Sang Yeob will play prosecutor-turned-lawyer Lee Yoo Beom, while Go Sung Hee will play Shin Hee Min, Jae Chan’s coworker. Jung Hae In will be joining her as well.

The main prosecutor coworkers will be played by Kim Won Hae and Park Jin Joo. Kim Won Hae will play criminal investigator Choi Dam Dong while Park Jin Joo will take on the role of an administrative worker.

Lee Ki Young, Bae Hae Sun, and Min Sung Wook will play head prosecutors Park Dae Young, Son Eun Joo, and Lee Ji Kwang respectively. Shin Jae Ha will play Jae Chan’s younger brother, while Hwang Young Hee will play Hong Joo’s mother Yoon Moon Sun.

The cast gathered for the first time back on January 20th 2017, the first script reading featured the director as well as the script writer and the crew who was going to be working on the drama with them. Lee Jong Suk, Suzy, Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, and Jung Hae showed great teamwork while reading the script. The script reading session was said to have been warm, bright and cheerful.

A source from the production company stated,

“On the set we were able to have fun while filming for 5 months, the drama completed shooting with a perfect teamwork , we will do our best to make sure the viewers enjoy a good drama.”

Are you excited about the upcoming SBS drama?

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