“While You Were Asleep” Releases Stills From Lee Jong Suk And Suzy First Meeting


SBS’s upcoming drama “While You Were Asleep” has released a new batch of stills, this time detailing Lee Jong Suk and Suzy’s characters first meeting.

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Jung Jae Chan has moved into his new place, his younger brother convinces him to give out rice cakes to his neighbors and greet them for the first time. He rings the bell of the house in front and turns out that it was Nam Hong Joo’s house.


Nam Hong Joo enjoys her drumstick watching the new handsome neighbor move close with a worried face. While her mother, on the other hand, is curious and excited about the brothers moving in.

A source from the drama said,

“There is a big secret involved with the two neighbors meeting for the fist time. I encourage you to watch the episodes to find out whether Jae Chan will be able to give the rice cakes to Hong Joo.”

“While You Were Asleep” will take over “Reunited Worlds” spot, it will air its first episode on the 27th of September.

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