“While You Were Asleep” Goes Head To Head In Ratings Battle With “Hospital Ship”

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The highly anticipated SBS new drama “While You Were Asleep” aired its first episode last night.

According to Nielsen Korea, “While You Were Asleep” rated 7.2% for its 1st episode and 9.2% for its 2nd episode; it had jumped 2% for its second half which is quiet impressing.

MBC’s “Hospital Ship” was still the top drama of its slot, it rated 9.8% and 10.6%, coming in first place again for this week’s Wednesday.

KBS’s “Manhole” ratings went down and it rated 1.9% which is less than its previous episode.

Since the second half of each episode of “While You Were Asleep” and “Hospital Ship” were close, there is an expected shift in tonight’s episodes ratings.

Have you watched “While You Were Asleep” premiere? Which drama are you rooting for?

My Reaction

WOW! I am actually surprised by the ratings results, I didn’t expect “Hospital Ship” to hold its ground so firmly like it did. Koreans seem to be invested well in “Hospital Ship,” too invested to be bothered by the premiere of “While You Were Asleep.”

For the first episodes ratings, “While You Were Asleep” is doing amazing in Korea, it might not have placed the first spot in ratings, but the numbers are still pretty good.

From a bystander point of view, “While You Were Asleep” was never going to surpass “Hospital Ship” in the ratings for its first episode. Logically, “Hospital Ship” has been airing for a while and has an established audience that’s fairly interested in its next episode, unlike “While You Were Asleep” which is basically the new boy in town.

“While You Were Asleep” has been heavily advertised by SBS, so much that people were calling it the next “Goblin,” I have watched both dramas, in my opinion, “While You Were Asleep” is far more interesting that “Hospital Ship.”

But again, that’s only my opinion and Korean won’t necessary believe the same, although I do expect that the ratings battle will heat up in tonight’s episodes. What do you guys think of the ratings number?

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