AKMU’S Lee Chan Hyuk Quietly Enlists In The Military


Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk has enlisted in the military today on September 18.

YG Entertainment had revealed the idol’s plans to enlist early and quietly, Lee Chan Hyuk had enlisted into Marine Corps today.

Through his management agency he has revealed this following message,

“I don’t think that enlisting at the same tome like my peers is special, I want to experience a different environment without thinking about music or work.

I will return from the military a more mature person inside and outside.”

Lee Chan-hyuk will be placed in the post-training camp after seven weeks of basic military training.

Both his sister and Lee Hi sent him encouraging messages through their Instagram.

찬혁아 잘다녀와

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빨리와 믿는다💪🏻 해병대 1226기 동기&선임 여러분 오빠 잘부탁드립니다😭❤️

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