Yang Se Jong Says His Life Goal Is To Take A Selfie With Bradley Cooper


Yang Se Jong one of the most promising upcoming Korean actors sat down for an interview with “The Star” and answered a couple of questions.

He was asked about what his favorite movies were and what music he liked listening to the most as well. He also talked about how much he prefers people calling him by his character name Do In Bum from the popular SBS drama “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim”.

He also talked about his sunbaenim co-star Yoo Yeon Seok and when asked if they’re friends hesitated at first, but he was happy when he was told that Yoo Yeon Seok spoke fondly of him.

He said,

“Whenever we were filming together, I’d tell him ‘I love you sunbaenim” every day I used to tell him, I miss sunbaenim a lot”

He was also asked to name an actor he looks up and likes to meet one day after giving it some thought, he named Bradley Cooper and said that he looks up to him the most, he added,

“If he ever comes to Korea, I’d love to take a selca with him, I’d really love that. This is my goal in life that selfies. I really want it.”

Recently, the rookie actor held the script reading for his upcoming drama “Temperature Of Love”, the drama is set to air in mid-September and the cast is currently busy filming.

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