[TRENDING] Taeyeon Dangerously Falls On The Floor Following Scary Crowding In Jakarta Airport

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Something pretty terrifying has happened to Girls Generation leader that made fans both scared and worried.

Taeyeon left from Seoul to Jakarta Airport and was terrified and crowded when she landed in Jakarta Airport.

Various videos of the incident were recorded by fans and its terrifying. The entire fanbase over crowded the airport and made it very difficult for the idol to move an inch further.

Eventually, she was knocked down to the floor and her feet got tangled, she was even seen trembling crying and in shock, she didn’t know what to do.

Some fans even kept pulling and trying to touch the idol making the situation more alarming and dangerous not only to her but to everyone involved.

Thus the idol took to Instagram to voice her concern and to tell her side of the terrifying incident.

자카르타 공항에서 수많은 인파에 몰려 발이 엉키고 몸도 엉켜서 많이 위험한 상황이 있었습니다 실제로 바닥에 넘어진채로 벌벌떨고 눈물이 멈추지 않았어요. 현지 경호원분이 위험해 보였는지 절 뒤에서 번쩍 들어올리셔서 그것 또한 너무 당황스러웠고 놀랐습니다. 자꾸 뒤에서 옆에서 신체접촉에 긴장했던 상황인지라 질서라는건 찾아볼 수 없었고 기다려주셨던 분들중에 똑같이 넘어지고 다치신 분들도 있는 것 같아서 제 마음이 몹시 좋지 않네요. 그리고 고의는 아니었겠지만 신체일부 엉덩이며 가슴이며 자꾸 접촉하고 부딪히고 서로 잡아당기고.. 그 느낌도 참 당황스럽고 제정신을 못차리겠더라고요. 그래서 오랜만에 도착한 자카르타에서 좋은 모습으로 입국 할 수가 없었습니다. 기다려준 팬들에게 너무 미안하고 제발 우리 다치지않게 질서를 지켜줬으면 좋겠어요 그 누구보다 사랑 많고 정 많고 서로 이해 할 수 있는 우리팬들이니까 오늘일은 해프닝으로 생각할게요. 모두 다 상처받지 않길 바랄게

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“There was a lot of danger in Jakarta airport due to the huge crowd; my feet were tangled as well as my body. I was also very taken back that the security guard was scared as well that he had to lift me up because of the crowd from behind the temple.

I even fell to the floor and I was trembling and couldn’t stop crying. There was no order. I am also upset that many of the fans who were waiting for me also fell and were injured.

I know it was not intentional but parts of my body like my behind and my chest were touched and pulled many times. I was so shocked I couldn’t get a grip of myself.

This why I didn’t look my best when I arrived in Jakarta.

I am so sorry to all fans who waited for me lovingly for my first arrival in Jakarta in a while. I hope that order will be kept next time so there won’t be any injuries.

You fans are so loving and positive and understanding more than anyone else, so I will think of today’s event as just an accident. I hope none of you were hurt.”

We’re glad that Taeyeon was okay. And we hope that next time fans are more careful not to cause discomfort to the idol and won’t hurt themselves.

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