Trainee Involved With T.O.P’s Marijuana Case Says T.O.P Was The One Who Offered Her Marijuana

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Han Seo Hee, the trainee involved in the infamous T.O.P marijuana case is speaking up and sharing her side of the story for the first time with K STAR.

Han Seo Hee had applied for an appeal for the verdict she received from her first trial. After that she met with a K STAR reporter and shared what she believed happened.

She made a shocking claim and said,

“I have committed a crime and I am deeply reflecting, but the person who suggested it first was the other person.”

She cautiously continued,

“Not even once I forcibly suggested it, the electronic cigarette is not even mine.”

She also claimed that T.O.P had taken out the cigarette from his pocket and she later found out it had marijuana in it. She said,

“Since I have less to lose than him, this is why they pushed the blame on me. There is more to explain so much has happened and its unfair, but even if I try to explain it to people who don’t want to believe me they won’t. this is why I think it’s better to just hold it all in and try to move on.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P has received his sentence and decided not to appeal for it and is deeply reflecting. YG’s source knows little about whatever is going on with Han Seo Hee’s appeal case. The full interview is set to air on August 23 at 5 p.m. KST on K STAR.

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  1. I disagree with you, and these are my 2 cents as to why/
    1. The girl, trainee or not, had priors, she was on probation for prior use of illegal substances. That would suggest that she did indeed have the means to access drugs.
    2. TOP is not the one that outed her, she outed him to police, when she had been arrested, and probably to get a good deal listed all the people she allegedly smoked with. She listed TOP and another person.
    3. She was charged and found guilty of trafficking with the intent to distribute (I think that is what it is). TOP on the other hand was charged for possession and use of an illegal substance.
    4. At no point has TOP to my knowledge indicated that he was forced or coerced into taking the drug. He simply admitted to taking it and pleaded guilty, accepting full responsibility.
    This trainee was already found guilty and on appeal she is telling this story here, that the e-cigaret wasn’t hers or she didn’t force TOP. But what she is being punished for is distribution. What she is attempting to do, is make it seem that TOP was the supplier and not her, to hopefully reduce her sentence.
    5. Most importantly you said YG is a big company and can put the blame on her. That would be if it was not a crime. There is nothing juicier for the Seoul prosecutors office to be able to book a celebrity like TOP – and we do see them throw the book at him – in essence they would have looked for her to get out on a deal to incriminate TOP. With a crime as serious as drug use or trafficking, all YGs influence would be useless, especially with elections coming up next year. If a prosecutor wanted to run for office, that case would have been his career defining one.
    What I agree with you on is that there are always 3 versions to a story, his, hers and the truth. The function of a court is determine the third and act on that conclusion.
    That is my 2 cents.

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