Taeyang Talks About How BIGBANG Members Are His Greatest Blessing


Taeyang expressed his love for the BIGBANG once again.

He has held his concert “2017 WHITE NIGHT in SEOUL” and has shared his feelings about his group members and thanked fans.

He performed a solo piano version of the group’s song “Last Dance”, he said,

“Its hard to sing a song that was meant to be sung by five members.”

Singing the song made me think of our members a lot. Meeting the members of BIGBANG was the greatest blessing and greatest joy of my life.”

He thanked his fans as well, and said,

“I was able to do music for 10 years. It was all possible because of you who stood by all of our side and protected us. I try to think of what I should say when I performing in front of you, but nothing else comes to my mind but ‘thank you’. Thank you for protecting me, my music and our dear members until now.”

Meanwhile, the next stop in Taeyang’s concert tour will be in North America, starring with Toronto on August 30.

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