Suzy Revealed To Have Renewed Her Contract With JYP, What Happens To Miss A Now?


Great news to all fans of Suzy and JYP.

The idol-actress has renewed her contract with her label JYP. A source from JYP said that they’d continue supporting Suzy in her upcoming projects.

The subject of Suzy resigning with her agency has been the talk of town ever since her contract with JYP expired back on the 31st of March earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Suzy’s upcoming drama “While you were asleep” production staff revealed the 5 months long shooting was over on the 27th of July. Lee Jong Suk also shared various photos of him and Suzy on the set of the final episode filming.

My Thoughts

Oh well! Countless rumors of Suzy establishing her own label are now obsolete. I am actually shocked she resigned with the agency.

As a JYP stan I like her move. Its good for JYP if she stayed with them, she is by far one of their biggest revenue makers in the company entire history.

She is also one of the few idols who make millions each year, she has a beautiful face and a nice body and good singing and acting skills, she is the perfect package.

I can’t even begin to imagine the things JYP had to promise her and write in her new contract to convince her to stay in the label. But to be fair she was treated very well by the label throughout her entire career.

Whether we like it or not, JYP made her, maybe she wouldn’t have grown this big if it wasn’t for JYP, anything could’ve happened back then. We have to give JYP some credit, I see lots of beautiful female idols who are just as talented as Suzy if not more and they don’t get the same recognition she gets.

But here is what I don’t like. JYP not addressing Miss A future. I am not a Miss A fan and I am this annoyed by it, I can’t imagine how a Miss A fan must be feeling right now! I just really hate it when agencies decide to play mind games with their fans.

I am a JYP stan but it doesn’t mean I’ll defend each and every move they make, some of the moves JYP makes are very stupid to say the least. But still I find JYP nice enough to be likeable when comparing it to other agencies.

Miss A deserves better and the members deserve better. I feel so sorry for them because they were always considered Suzy’s backup dancers when they were so talented themselves (if not more than her). The public eyes were always on her and not them even when they worked just as hard to debut.

But if I had to make a guess, I’d say Suzy made sure she was free from Miss A. I bet the new contract she signed was an exclusive solo contract, nothing binding her to the group. (my guess!)

Its sad, but it is what it is! Suzy will look out for her own best interest, and I can only imagine it’d be a solo career, the girl has already established herself as a singer and actress.

I wish her the best, and I wish the rest of the members the best! I hate how JYP just glossed over the entire Miss A issue and decided not to address it! Will be waiting for a detailed explanation from the agency soon.


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