Shin Se Kyung On Nam Joo Hyuk’s Efforts And Consideration, “I was really touched”

Shin Se Kyung is shocked by Nam Joo Hyuk’s attitude on set and touched on that subject during a recent interview.

The actress sat down for an interview to talk about her recent drama “Bride of the Water God” and how much she personally struggled while filming water scenes due to her own personal trauma, about that she said,

“Underwater scenes were very terrifying; I was so worried about them when I decided to appear in the drama. My trauma is so bad that I can’t breath while showering.” “Thankfully, the crew of the drama was helpful of me while making the scene. I feel apologetic because I think I could’ve done better if I didn’t have that trauma, but I still did my best.”

She also talked about how pleasantly surprised she was with Nam Joo Hyuk and his dedication towards his role and the drama, she described him as “a thankful actor who gave me motivation.”

The majority of actors would cry on demand when asked to film an emotional movie while the actor on the opposite side faces them. But Nam Joo Hyuk was different from any actor she worked with, she said,

“While filming an emotional scene its not easy to cry with your co-star 100% of the time, but Nam Joo Hyuk cried with me whether the camera was on me or him.”

She also added,

“This was my first time coming across an actor who cries with me whenever I have, so I asked myself that question, ‘have I ever cried with them?’ this actually mad me self-reflect. I was touched and surprised.”

What did you think of Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting? Did you think they had good chemistry?

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