The cast of the upcoming Park Hae Jin drama is slowly taking shape, a talented idol-actress has been added to the lineup.

Today, “Four Sons” confirmed that Nana will be joining the cast of the drama, they said,

“Nana has been cast to play the younger version of the female lead.”

A source of the drama explained more about her role and how excited they were for casting her, the source said,

“When the drama was written we had Nana in mind, and we never thought of anyone else playing that role but her, it fits her perfectly. She will show off charisma and stable acting.

Since its 100% pre-produced, the drama will have higher quality and Nana has already begun practicing martial arts for the drama role. Her passion is huge, she will show you a great performance”

“Four Sons” will tell the story of a female detective who meets the quadruplet brothers of her previous lover, Nana will play the younger detective, Park Hae Jin will play the four sons. The lead female character is a determined detective who digs into the death of her lover and gets entangled in unexpected events.

The drama is yet to secure an air date or a channel and will probably air some time early next year.

How do you feel about Nana joining the cast?

Source: (A)

My Thoughts

I heard she did well in “The Good Wife”, I think they said she played a gay character well…

Since she is playing the younger version, I am fine with it. But if she was playing the lead female older version… that would’ve been just wrong.

I have seen her in the movie “Fashion King” she had a small part, she was okay, and it was nothing special. I know I shouldn’t be judging so hard before seeing so much but someone of the calibre of Park Hae Jin deserves an actress of similar calibre.

She could be good and I certainly hope she is, but she has only officially started back in 2016 with “The Good Wife”, so I am still sceptical about how good she is.

The drama is yet to secure a channel to air on and looks like it’ll air in 2018 at this rate. I can’t wait to see oppa back in a drama. I will be waiting.

Lets hope they pick a good female lead.