The Possible Reasons Why Lee Sung Kyung And Nam Joo Hyuk Broke Up

Today’s most shocking news involved two of our all-time favorite kdrama couples.

Dubbed one of the best romantic kdramas of 2016-2017, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” made its way to our hearts with its realistic portrayal of youth trouble and of actual problems university students go through.

People back then noticed how much Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk suited each other. Fans have never seen Nam Joo Hyuk looking this happy on a set nor looking so excited to be there.

Many fans shipped them together and called them a dream couple they’d like to see come true. Even Korean fans loved the two together.

Today the sad news broke out of them breaking up, so today, we decided to dive in deep to talk more about possible reasons the two decided to call it a quit.

Check out the full video below for our take on the real reason it might have happened.

And share your theory with us. What do you think was the reason the two broke up? Are you sad they split ways?

1 thought on “The Possible Reasons Why Lee Sung Kyung And Nam Joo Hyuk Broke Up”

  1. Im Very sad because they broke up …they are so cute for each other . for me they are a perfect couple.

    Hope that they will have an another movies. Because I love the way they’re doing or acting ..I lobe them both


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