Park Yoo Chun Sports A New Ink Of His Fiancé’s Face On His Left Arm


Seems like the rumors of Park Yoo Chun getting a tattoo of his fiance’s face are actually true.

Today, the actor-idol was discharged from the military following serving the country for the past 1 year and 9 months. But news of him getting a tattoo also spread online and today at his discharge ceremony, fans noticed the huge face tattoo of his fiancé Hwang Ha Na.

The tattoo is a bold move since Koreans don’t view tattoos the way westerners do, the tattoo on his left forearm left an impression. The fans were reminded by the tattoo Justin Bieber got of Selena Gomez.

Previous source has stated that Hwang Ha Na wanted to end her relationship to Park YooChun due to the stress and fallout of being in the public eyes. His agency C-Jes refused to give an update to the story and kept silent about what has been leaked to the press. But it seems like the tattoo indicates the two haven’t broke up and are still together.

Lets just hope that they won’t break up one day and this tattoo remains a painful reminder for him.

My Thoughts

Mannnnnn~~~ I mean love someone, love them with all your heart… but to go as far as to getting a tattoo of their faces, is another level.

Was he trying to prove something to her? I don’t know! A face tattoo in a very visible place for an actor idol is a huge deal in south korea, now I am not against tattoos, but personally speaking, getting a tattoo of a loved one face is…. I don’t know! It feels weird.

They can get matching tattoos, but a whole face on your arm for her? That’s a bit extreme to me!

As long as he’s happy, I guess that’s fine!


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