The hottie Park Seo Joon sat down for an interview whilst his photoshoot with High Cut magazine.

He discussed the appeal of the newly finished popular KBS drama “Fight My Way” and talked about whether he’d date a female friend or not.

The actor talked about his drama and his character, he said,

“Dong Man and Ae Ra’s relationship was in a way a fantasy. Meanwhile Joo Man and Seol Hee’s relationship was the realistic one; they’ve had real problems and real conversations. I think the drama was received well because of the different couples and their styles.”

He then discussed how he felt around the other couple Joo Man and Seol Hee while they filmed, he said,

“I had almost no scenes to film while the other couple had scenes, so I would view it from the mind-set of a viewer, on set I used to tell Ahn Jae Hong, ‘I’ll watch your scenes well when they air’”

He was also asked if he’d date a female friend, the actor has a surprisingly reply to give, he said,

“I actually don’t know that many female friends as much as the public thinks, but in love everything is possible, so you really never know.”

Check out the photos:

Do you miss “Fight My Way”?

Source: Highcut


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