Park Seo Joon Reveals This Shocking Thing About His College Dating Experience


The hot men of the upcoming movie “Midnight Runners” were guests on SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” and discussed their love lives.

The stars visited the beach, had fun interacting with fans and ate shaved ice and fishcakes together. Then finally sat down for an interview to talk about many things including their love lives.

The new prince of rom-coms Park Seo Joon was asked about how his love life, he talked about how much it greatly differs from what he portrays in dramas. He said,

“When I was in college I didn’t go on blind dates or even get introduced to any girl. I wish I could go back to try that out.”

Meanwhile, their upcoming movie “Midnight Runners” is set to be released today on the 9th of August.

Did the details of Park Seo Joon’s love life shock you?


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