Park Min Young Talks About The Possibility Of Reuniting With “Healer” Co-star Ji Chang Wook

Park Min Young has the most hilarious response to being one of the girls that’ll visit Ji Chang Wook in the army.

The lovely actress who has recently wrapped up filming for her drama “Queen for 7 Days” sat down for an interview to talk about her drama and much more.

She spoke about her former “Healer” co-star Ji Chang Wook who is enlisting in the army on the 14th of August. He has mentioned that Park Min Young, Yoona, and Nam Ji Hyun are visiting him once he enlists.

To that she laughed and said,

“I said I’d pass by, but now it seems like I have to go. But I am not the only one it seems, if Girls Generation goes, isn’t that enough? If its only me wouldn’t that be not as good?”

The two made headlines and were shipped back when they shared the screen in the fan-favorite drama “Healer” back in 2014.

Their chemistry took fans by storm and they just couldn’t get enough of their kiss scenes which came out very well in each episode.

Fans miss them both together and would like to see them reunite in a drama again.

Possibly after Ji Chang Wook leaves the military? We’re all in for it!

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