Nam Joo Hyuk Celebrates His Girlfriend Lee Sung Kyung Birthday In The Sweetest Way Possible


(Putting detective mode on)

Lee Sung Kyung’s birthday was on the 10th of August and fans were sure to send their unnie gifts celebrating her birthday.

The actress took to her Instagram to thank her fans for all the gifts they sent to her on her birthday, she dedicated a long message to her fans and posted 3 photos of the gifts she received.

Fans believe that among these photos Nam Joo Hyuk gift is also there. In her Instagram post she wrote,

“I am very grateful for all those who have showed me love, thanks to the fans who showered me with all those birthday gifts. It was a birthday I’ll never forget, it was filled with love, thank you all.”

In her message fans also believe that she sent a shout out to her boyfriend for making this birthday one of a kind.

A couple of hours after she posted this message, Nam Joo Hyuk posted a mysterious photo to Instagram.

A post shared by 남주혁 (@skawngur) on

In the photo you can clearly see that he does the swag pose, a pose that was popularized by Lee Sung Kyung and her clan in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”.

In the photo he didn’t write any caption, and it was a photo of a Polaroid. He is seen covering half his face with the swag sign.

Many believe this is clearly dedicated for his girlfriend Lee Sung Kyung. Fans wish them the best, the two had such great chemistry ever since their early modelling days.

Happy birthday to Lee Sung Kyung unnie, we wish the two the best as well! Lets hope that Nam Joo Hyuk did shower his girlfriend with love on her birthday.


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