“Manhole” Records The Lowest Drama Rating Of 2017, “Man Who Dies To Live” At The Top Spot

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“Manhole” just can’t catch a break and probably will continue to suffer during its entire run.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Manhole” 3rd episode which aired yesterday’s on Wednesday recorded a low of 2.2%.

This is its lowest rating yet and the lowest drama rating of the year. No other drama suffered as much as this drama is currently suffering.

The previous drama which was in “Manhole’s” time slot “Queen for 7 Days” didn’t go below the 4%.

Meanwhile, and as expected “Man Who Dies To Live” continues to entertain fans and win their hearts, it rated 10.7% and 12.8%, and it’s the only drama with double digits among its contenders.

“Reunited Worlds” rated 6.4% and 6.8%, thus coming in at the second place.

How do you feel about Jaejoong’s drama? Which Wednesday-Thursday drama are you currently obsessed with?

Credit: Nielsen Korea.

My Thought

I am not shocked to be honest with you guys. I do feel so bad for my oppa Jaejoong but this drama is just bad.

I still haven’t watched episode 2 in case you were asking, mainly because I struggled with episode 1. I do plan on reviewing the first two episodes and talk more in details about it.

Spoiler alert: it won’t be a nice review.

There is nothing special about the drama. The drama script has been done before and it wasn’t received well back then. Yoo Seung Hoo took on a very similar role to Jaejoong’s and the drama had bad reviews from international fans and bad ratings in Korea as well.

Thus I am not shocked. I do believe UEE’s dating news and denial might have even made people distant from her, but we can’t fully blame her for living her life, the story line remains so bad, it’ll go in the record as the worst Jaejoong drama of all time.

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  1. I were very dissapointed in you all that hate manhole that much…trybto have a look at the drama please..the drama have a perfect and unexpectable storyline…just wait…ahhhh…michinggeta..chincha…this drama is the best among all the fictious drama that i have watch act..

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