“Man Who Dies To Live” Last Episodes Records The Highest Ratings, “Manhole” Still In Last Place


“Man Who Dies To Live” continues to rule the Wednesday-Thursday drama with its last episode as well.

“Man Who Dies To Live” aired its 23rd and 24th episode on Thursday and achieved its highest ratings yet.

The 23rd episode scored 12% and the 24th episode scored 14% which is 1.3% and 1.2% more than the previous episodes.

The final episode (24th episode) broke the previous highest episode rating of 13.5% by 0.5%.

Meanwhile, “Reunited World” remains in the second place and rated 5.9% and 7.1%. The last spot goes to “Manhole” which is still stuck in the 2% range and rated 2.1% which is 0.1% higher than its previous episode.

The highly anticipated medical drama “Hospital Ship” is set to take over “Man Who Dies To Live” spot, and will start next week on the 30th of August.

It features Kang Min Hyuk’s first ever leading role opposite the lovely actress Ha Ji Won. It talks about a medical team who provides medical services to an island using a ship hence the name.



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