“I Live Alone” and “Infinite Challenge” Cancelled Indefinitely Due To The Strike

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Starting next week two very beloved Korean variety shows will air their last episode before the strike begins, “Infinite Challenge” and “I Live Alone” will be cancelled indefinitely.

An MBC source revealed that “Infinite Challenge” is airing until September 2 while “I Live Alone” will air until September 1. The question of when will the shows proceed to air again is unknown due to the strike.

Back during August 24 to 29, MBC’s national media labor union headquarters received votes and it resulted in 93.2 in favour of a general strike that will begin on September 4.

The union discontent with MBC has never been so strong before, back in 2016 votes of a strike came out as 85.42% while in 2011 it came out to 71.2% in favor of a strike.

Many union members of various departments within MBC will be joining the strike, it is expected that more MBC variety shows will be also cancelled indefinitely in the future.

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My Reaction

Well…. If MBC isn’t treating them well then they deserve this, they should’ve seen that one coming!

The percentage of people in favour of a strike was always so high even back in 2011, but I guess because so many people work in MBC and those people have families to feed they chose to remain silent and cross their fingers hoping things will get better.

This seems like it has been going on for so long and its finally happening. The cancellation of two very prominent MBC variety shows tells you that something really wrong is taking place and that people working there have had and don’t care anymore whether a show is cancelled or not.

I am glad the union is standing up, soon MBC will have to give in, what will they air instead of those two cancelled shows? How will they handle the loss of profit caused by the general strike?

What goes around comes around! Is all I can say!

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