Lee Jong Suk New Movie “V.I.P” Tops Korean Box Office Upon Its Release


Lee Jong Suk and the rest of “V.I.P” cast has a lot to celebrate with today.

The highly anticipated movie which features Lee Jong Suk in a bad role has premiered today in South Korea and after a couple of hours of its release, the movie took over the number 1 spot.

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It knocked down “A Taxi Driver” from the first spot and pushed down “Midnight Runner” to number 3 as well.

“V.I.P” is a Noir thriller film about a suspected serial killer Gwangil (played by Lee Jong Suk), he plays the son of a high-ranking North Korean official, the Interpol is chasing him and trying to uncover the truth.

This is the final Lee Jong Suk before his impending enlistment. Have you checked out the movie yet?

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