Lee Jong Suk Apologizes To The Public For Delaying His Military Enlistment Date


Lee Jong Suk isn’t going any where any time soon!

The actor received his summon to join the military a while ago, and he was supposed to leave on the 10th of August. But the actor chose to delay it for now.

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YG Entertainment addressed the issue and explained why he’s delaying it, they said,

“Lee Jong Suk received his draft notice recently and was considering it, but has decided to delay it because of the responsibility he feels as the lead actor of his upcoming movie and drama.”

The actor Lee Jong Suk also shared his thoughts, saying,

“I feel very sorry because my enlistment is rather late when compared to my peers, I am going to finish my obligations first and then work my hardest to faithfully fulfil my duties in the Korean army.”

YG Entertainment also added,

“We ask for your understanding with an open mind, we would appreciate your support so that Lee Jong Suk can meet everyone with great work for the rest of the time he has left.”

The actor is currently busy promoting for his upcoming movie comeback V.I.P and will be promoting his upcoming drama “While You Were Asleep” set to be released this upcoming September.

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My Thoughts

We kinda saw that one coming! I was almost certain he’d have to delay it, he is currently very busy promoting his movie, he didn’t even have time to start promoting “While You Were Asleep”, and he suddenly received this draft notice.

He has to promote the drama, do interviews and photoshoots talking about it, SBS has been promoting the drama heavily and talking about it a lot, he can’t just leave when he hasn’t started promoting just yet.

Jong Suk slipped through the final cracks of the wall that will soon be sealed tight. The new law will prevent actors and entertainers of delaying their military enlistment because of their schedule, the new law will be effective starting this September, so the next time he tries to delay it, it won’t be allowed!

I understand his reasons and I wish oppa the best! I am excited to see “While You Were Asleep”, and his movie as well (which seems very interesting).

We’ll miss him so much, this year we lost lots of oppas to the army, when will 2019 ever come?


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