Kentizens have spoken and we disagree!

A survey on a popular Korean online community DC Inside took place from August 6 to 12, asking the eternal question, “Which is the most overrated rapper?”.

With over 10,329 votes, the public have spoken and the results are slightly shocking but also expected.

The popular variety shows personality Kim Gu Ra’s son, MC GREE took home the number 1 spot, with 2472 votes making up 23.9% of the entire poll.

Followed by the successful leader of YG Entertainment, Gdragon took over the second spot with 2388 votes making up 23.1% of the entire poll.

He was followed by Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, he took over the third spot with 987 votes, making up 9.6% of the entire poll. The rapper duo is currently a part of the judging panel for “Show Me the Money 6”.

The list also includes Black Nut, Wonder Girl’s Yubin, Block B’s Zico and Jessi as well.

What do you think of the list? Who do you think is the most overrated Korean rapper?


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