Ji Chang Wook Will Quietly Enlist In The Military On August 14


Seems like oppa doesn’t want to be greeted by fans while he leaves for the military.

Ji Chang Wook revealed to fans through his agency his decision to quietly enlist in the military.

The actor is set to enlist in Gangwon Province Training Center and will do without any special treatment or goodbye event by his fans.

The agency released an official statement saying,

“There won’t be any official events on the day of his enlistment. Gathering fans and reporters don’t suit Ji Chang Wook’s personality.”

There are less than 2 days away from Ji Chang Wook’s military hiatus, he is now spending time with his family and friends, he said,

“I will do my best to faithfully fulfil my duties as a citizen of Korea.”

Are you going to miss Ji Chang Wook?

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