Ji Chang Wook adlib after Nam Ji Hyun Kissed him is the cutest thing you’ll see today.

We can’t seem to get over “Suspicious Partner” and we think you should struggle just like us, so we dug up some good old footage from “Suspicious Partner” BTS’s videos and we found this cute thing to share.

SBS has been posting various videos of “Suspicious Partner” behind the scenes; fans began to ship the two together so much because of how close they seemed in real life as well.

It happened during the famous kiss scene when Nam Ji Hyun gives Ji Chang Wook a smooch and thanks him for helping her out, it was such a memorable scene that fans loved.

But it was what happened behind the scenes that made fans question Ji Chang Wook ulterior motives.

After she kissed him he can be seen biting off his lips, after the director noticed him, he called him out on it, poor flustered Ji Chang Wook tried explaining his actions but the director interrupted him saying it was gross.

The actor continued trying so hard to explain that it was because his lips were itchy, but the entire staff including Nam Ji Hyun was laughing loud.

You can check out the full clip down below.