Ji Chang Wook To Fans And Supporters “Thank You, Goodbye”

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Prepare your tissues fangirls, our oppa is leaving!

On the 28th of July, Ji Chang Wook held one final vlive show titled “Ji Chang Wook Proposal: Say Goodbye.”

He then talked about how he came to name his final vlive show, he said,He talked to fans for an hour and a half and told his fans that it was his last show on vlive before leaving for the military. He also said he wanted to have a good time talking to his fans.

“Before I started the show, I was thinking of what I should name it, I wanted my fans to wait for me while I serve the military so I decided it to name it “Goodbye Propose.”

He then said a funny thing, he added,

“I am ready to do whatever you guys ask of me except for showing my abs, ask me which drama/movie was my most memorable work and not to enlist. Those I cannot give you an answer to.”

By the end of the vlive, he concluded,

“I feel really weird thinking this is really the last broadcast for me, it was one of the happiest time of my life. All your encouraging messages means the world to me. Thank you!”

His last words to all his fans before saying goodbye were,

“Baby, do not cheat me!”

Fans are going to miss Ji Chang Wook so much. The actor is supposed to enlist on the 14th of August about a week from now.

Are you going to miss Ji Chang Wook? What is your favorite Ji Chang Wook drama?

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