Jessica is the sweetest most supportive elder sister there is.

The idol sat down for an interview to talk about many things including her sister and the huge breakup news that were broadcasted earlier this year.

She shared her thoughts about her sister’s and Kai’s relationship, she said,

“Getting together and breaking up are a part of life.”

She then talked about her support to her sister, she said,

“I will always be on my sister’s side. I think it was burdensome to go through this breakup news publicly. Breakup news can be more burdensome than dating news.”

Krystal and Kai confirmed their dating news back in mid-2016 and announced their breakup back in May 31st 2017.

She then spoke of her own dating story, she is currently dating Tyler Kwon, who is the major investor in her own brand and the head of her new agency, she said,

“No need to worry about me. I have nothing to worry about, if something is ever up I’ll let you know.”

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