Jessi Shutting Down Haters For Criticizing Her Bikini Performance Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Who is the queen? Jessi, ya’ll!

Jessi was one of the performers at “Waterbomb 2017 Refreshed By Sprite”, she performed in a bikini top and was criticized by netizens for wearing a bikini whilst performing.

The rapper singer didn’t back off or had any chills for those haters and their mean useless comments and decided to shut them down once and for all, Jessi style.

Jessi uploaded a message to hear Instagram on August 1. With a badass pose looking up to the camera and the photo had this caption,

“Excuse me but who is you? #mindyaown #boingboing #suckas#getyourfactsstraight #ilovemybikinis#ilovemytubetops #imgucci”

Fans of Jessi applauded her stance against haters, she is known to be a frank person who isn’t afraid of sharing her thoughts or having her voice heard.

Here are some fan-taken photos of the amazing performance of Jessi in a bikini.


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